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5 Books to Read in Costa Rica
5 Children Books about Costa Rica Worth Reading + 1 for Coloring Are you an avid reader or just trying to get your kids prepped for the upcoming trip to Costa Rica? We’ve got a few children books [...]
Jul 29, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
“What’s the best beach in the area?”
It’s a question we get asked all of the time. In this case, “the area” is the southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. Specifically, the beaches around the towns of Dominical and Uvita, where the [...]
Jul 03, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
9 excuses to help you justify spending the whole day at your vacation villa
Sometimes taking a vacation involves more than you bargained for. You started off day-dreaming of beaches and coconuts… but ended up in stuck in analysis paralysis in front of the computer screen [...]
Jun 03, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Products to try in a Costa Rican Supermarket
For a taste of Costa Rica here are a few locally made products you can find at the markets in and around Dominical. The number one product on the list, a sauce called Lizano is definitely the [...]
May 13, 2019 Category: Uncategorized 0 Comments
Incredible Insects of Costa Rica
4 Incredible Insects to see on Vacation in Costa Rica Leaf-Cutter Ant By far the most impressive insect to spot in Costa Rica is the leaf-cutter ants. These creatures are so interesting you could [...]
Apr 06, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Cold Beer in Paradise — Wet Your Whistle Here
Until about five years ago, finding a quality microbrew along the southern Pacific coastline of Costa Rica was a daunting task. But the times, they are a-changin’. These days, you can score [...]
Mar 06, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
In the vacation rental business, sustainability is a responsibility shared between a homeowner, its property management company and their clients. When all three aspects of the business are [...]
Feb 10, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Getting the Perfect Photo in Costa Rica
You’ve got to get the shot, the one photo that will sit on your desk for years on end, always bringing a smile to your face and warm memories to your heart. But it isn’t easy to capture [...]
Jan 20, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Keeping Kids Busy in Costa Rica
Costa Rica always has something for the kids   Imagine the look on any youngster’s face the first time they see a sloth or hear a howler monkey. Think about how thrilled kids are when [...]
Jan 07, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Wonderful fun things to do in Costa Rica
Every group, family and couple creates a unique itinerary to suit their specific vacation wants and needs. Some aspire to partake in wild outdoor adventures, while others prefer sipping cocktails [...]
Dec 06, 2018 Category: Blog 0 Comments