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Connecting to the World in Southern Costa Rica
Internet in Dominical is now a digital nomad’s dream. But it wasn’t always this way. Less than a decade ago, this quaint surfing town nestled in the southwest corner of tantalizing Costa Rica had [...]
Jun 21, 2021 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Safety a Top Priority as International Travel Returns
Indoor living and stay-at-home orders took priority in 2020 as Covid-19 turned the world as we know it upside down. Our guests’ safety has been a top priority and is the motivation behind [...]
Jun 19, 2021 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Successful Holiday Travel Planning Begins Now
Talking Christmas and New Year Holiday in June? Isn’t that a little early, guys? Hear us out, now, as there’s a method to our way-too-soon holiday madness. The bottom line is we don’t want any of [...]
Jun 09, 2020 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Chasing an Endless Summer in Costa Rica
Summer break is closer than you think. In a few months the kids will be out of school, the hustle and bustle on college campuses will come to a crawl, and the weather is really going to heat up. [...]
Apr 28, 2020 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Springtime Bliss Around Dominical
Is March/April the best time to travel to Dominical, Costa Rica?
Mar 02, 2020 Category: Blog 0 Comments
Leap Into February with 29 Costa Rican Fun Facts
here are 29 fun facts about Costa Rica which, by the way, is absolutely stunning each February. If you’re looking for a rental house on the beach in Costa Rica, this is a perfect month to set up [...]
Feb 13, 2020 Category: Blog 0 Comments
New Year is a Big Deal in Dominical
New Year's in Dominical Uvita Costa Rica
Jan 02, 2020 Category: Blog 0 Comments
We’re Having a Whale of a Good Time in Costa Rica
Southern Humpback Whales have begun their yearly migration off the coast of Costa Rica. One of the country’s premier locations for spotting these incredible mammals is Uvita, where YouGetHere [...]
Nov 30, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
5 Books to Read in Costa Rica
5 Children Books about Costa Rica Worth Reading + 1 for Coloring Are you an avid reader or just trying to get your kids prepped for the upcoming trip to Costa Rica? We’ve got a few children books [...]
Jul 29, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments
“What’s the best beach in the area?”
It’s a question we get asked all of the time: Playa Ventanas is the Perfect Beach. In this case, “the area” is the southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica. Specifically, the beaches around the towns [...]
Jul 03, 2019 Category: Blog 0 Comments