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Lucinei and Neil not only have a professional way of working, but also both have lovely personalities.
This combination is very rare and beautiful.
I'm very grateful for that
Owners Meridian House I'm very happy with the cooperation.
The Yougethere team has been taking care of the rental and maintenance of my home for over a year now. They are experienced, dedicated, resourceful and imaginative people who are easy to communicate with. Neil and Lucinei are a very complementary duo and their team has always received excellent reviews from my tenants. I have full confidence in them and recommend them without hesitation.
Owners Villa Oro Verde They are experienced, dedicated, resourceful and imaginative people who are easy to communicate with!
We have a luxury vacation rental on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica and have used YouGetHere Property Management for 2 years. As absentee owners living in the USA we have been very satisfied with this service.
They have proven to be competent managers of the many facets of this business endeavor, including property maintenance, PR with clients, and transparent business management of revenue and expense.
This is a complex business with many moving parts, and much uncertainty. We sleep well at night, with the confidence that Neil and Lucinei, and their competent team are taking care of all aspects of our investment property.
Owners of Ballena Royale We sleep well at night, with the confidence that Neil and Lucinei, and their competent team are taking care of all aspects of our investment property
Being in the hotel and tourism industry for 30 years we have a very critical eye when it comes to service. Neil - and his team- are just fantastic. We left our house in their hand and seeing the reviews of all the guests made us very happy but finding our house in mint condition confirm the guest's comments. Our home is constantly rented out and the YouGetHere team cannot be faulted! Thank you very much Neil & Lucinei.
Owners of Whale Watcher Villa Neil - and his team- are just fantastic
We are coming up to the first year of YouGetHere managing our home. Lucy, Neil & their wonderful team have been doing an outstanding job. Something that's very important to us, & something nearly all of our reviews have mentioned, is how clean the house is & how well taken care of our guest are.

Neil is very efficient when it comes to accounting, advertising as well as website management. In addition, he is always sure to keep us informed of changes in the tax laws.

We can't say enough about how Lucy manages the house, including arranging repairs with their pre-vetted contractors. In addition to this, she has helped in arranging upgrades we have done & plan to do in the future. She is very detailed and efficient.

It's always a pleasure coming to the house & not having to worry about taking care of what needs to be fixed because the house is always in pristine condition & everything works.
I'm sure anyone who has a vacation home in Costa Rica for any amount of time knows what we're talking about!

Thank-you Neil & Lucy for providing us with such great service & peace of mind knowing our home is in such responsible hands.

Owners of Villa Koora Don & Steve Something that's very important to us.
When we purchased our Costa Rican home in early 2108, we inherited the former property manager. After a few months and numerous problems (poor rentals, tardy, inaccurate financial statements, financial improprieties, etc.), we knew we had to make a prompt change.

After interviewing several managers, we selected Neil and his YouGetHere team in June 2018. Since we reside in the US, we knew we needed someone reliable, honest and competent. Neil and his team have certainly met our expectations. Our rentals have ramped up, the monthly financial statements are always timely and comprehensive and the YGH standards are meticulous. We always receive prompt responses to our questions and Lucinei often makes positive suggestions on improvements we should consider. The home is very well maintained and we have already made a number of upgrades to the home and furnishings.

Neil and his team were certainly worth the investment and we anticipate a profitable 2019!
Pura Vida!!

Owners of Pariasio Encontrado Neil and his team were certainly worth the investment.
We have had Neil and Lucinei manage our home for over one year. Neil is highly professional, responsive and detail oriented. All aspects of remote home ownership are taken care of, giving us peace of mind and full confidence.

All bills, repairs and contract work are quickly and professionally attended to. Lucinei takes care of our home as if it was her own. Whenever we return, we find our home to be as beautiful as we last left it. Neil, Lucinei and the entire Yougethere team is a pleasure to work with, kind, and always respectful. The house has rented extremely well and many reviews often comment on Yougethere as an important part of their memorable vacation experience.

Owners of Casa Tilli The house has been rented extremely well.
``Coming in very green to buying a property out of the states and setting it up to be used as a vacation rental was nerve wracking and daunting. Top it off that in the middle of our real estate deal the Covid-19 pandemic stopped the world in its tracks. Neil and Lucieni were invaluable once the deal was done. They furnished and stocked the entire house for us when we were unable to travel down as we had planned. They had the house up and running and being rented the moment that travel was back in full swing.

The care and commitment they have for us and the house has let us feel confident and secure while being so far away. Our bookings are solid and what started out as a very vulnerable feeling experience is now as easy as can be. Couldn't be happier. `` Thank you!

Owners of Casa Tsiö Couldn't be happier!
The property management at YouGetHere are very professional and treat our guests exceptionally

The home is always perfection, clean and welcoming. They respond immediately if we the owner's or a guest have a request or need. Records are kept promptly and accurately and they are always looking for ways to improve our guests' stay. We are very happy with their service. Mike and Barb Pielli

Owners of Bella Vita The property management at YouGetHere are very professional and treat our guests exceptionally
We purchased a house specifically to utilize as a vacation rental. We engaged Neil and Lucinei to assist us in the refurbishing of the house, the purchase of the furnishings and the stocking of the household items. The work to be done on the house was done on time and under budget and the result of the work was an absolutely beautiful vacation rental home. The house was completely furnished and properly supplied.

The house was listed as available for rent and had over 90 days rented within approximately 40 of being advertised as available. We are so pleased with the work that was accomplished and truly appreciate the attention to detail that Neil and Lucinei provide.

Owners of Brisa Hermosa Tom and Gail Work to be done on the house was done on time and under budget.
My wife and I spend nearly 3 years designing and building our dream home in the rain forest of Costa Rica. As we neared completion we began our search for a Property Manager. Our primary requirement was to find someone that was as passionate as we were about keeping our house maintained to the highest standards. When we interviewed Neil it became evident immediately that he indeed is passionate about delivering the very best service and the highest quality. We not only hired him to manage our home and VRBO, but also to manage the punch list with our builder, as we do not live in Costa Rica and needed someone we trusted to make sure our Builder delivered. Neil managed to hold our builder to standards I’m sure he has never before been held too!

Neil has taken ownership of managing the VRBO, and our home has been consistently rented. Neil and his team have ensured that our home meets or exceeds all our guest expectations when it comes to cleanliness and overall appearance. He sends us a detailed spreadsheet for expenses and income each month and is always open to any questions I may have on expenditures. Neil’s team of house cleaners are honest and trust worthy, and he holds all his employees to the same high standards that he holds himself too.

We highly recommend Neil and “You Get Here” for anyone that expects the very best, because that’s what he’ll delivered!

Owners of Gema Escondida Our dream home in the rain forest of Costa Rica.
Neil and his team have been a pleasure to work with. They are always on top of things and the house always looks so amazing and well taken care of when we get the chance to come and visit.

We have worked with two other property management companies to maintain and rent our home when we are not in Costa Rica and Neil by far exceeded the other management companies. Our renters have given nothing but great reviews of our property and of Neil. We are grateful that we have found Neil and his team. Thank you for everything!

Owners of Casa Tropical They are always on top of things and the house always looks so amazing.
Neil asked me to describe some of the services that he provides for us at our three villas in Dominical. He's worked with us since the fall of 2015, and has made incredible progress over what we experienced before his involvement.

Neil has very high standards, both for those who he employs, but also the properties that he manages. I think we had ``adjusted`` to a lower standard of appearance and cleanliness over the previous years, and he insisted that we paint the villas and replace some furniture and do a targeted makeover. That, along with improving the landscaping, made a dramatic difference in how our guests viewed the property, as well as how the owners viewed the property.

He quickly found a family to act provide housekeeping and landscaping help, but they turned out to have lower standards than Neil expected, so he terminated them and replaced them with a couple that has done a wonderful job. This is just one example of his action-orientation: even if it's a difficult or time-consuming task, Neil has the courage and follow-through to take action.

He has also been able to find contractors and other specialists to keep the place operating and looking good. Whether we've needed roof repairs, or work on our water system, or work on the wastewater treatment system, Neil knows who to call and he gets the job done so they guests don't have a bad experience.

Finally, Neil has turned around the finances of the property dramatically. We went from having a ``money pit`` with excessive expenditures and low occupancy to having very solid (and timely) financials. We've moved from money pit to profitable property, and he is responsible.

I can't recommend him highly enough.

Cheers, and pura vida,
Chuck Hawley
Caballitos del Mar # 3

Owners of Caballitos del Mar Neil has turned around the finances of the property dramatically.
We recently had the most amazing construction experience here in Costa Rica!

Neil and Lucinei of YouGetHere have been managing our home, Casa Pura Vida here for years. On a recent visit, Lucinei made a suggestion of putting a roof structure over our large front patio, to make it a usable living space in the sun and the rain. They also suggested enclosing an open bedroom and air-conditioning the bedrooms.

Neil and Lucinei understood the difference this addition would make to the usability, comfort and enjoyment of the property - both for us and for our guests. They have a very professional, organized and competent group of tradespeople, coordinated and overseen by their watchful eyes.

Neil suggested a great builder to do the work. I was in Costa Rica for the initial stages of the construction and then Neil and Lucinei continued the construction oversight through to completion, always with an owner’s eye to detail. We are amazed and delighted with the process and the result. Lucinei has a great eye and flair for design, colour and layout and Neil is a great manager. The project was completed with excellent design and workmanship, on time, and on budget.

Their management and attention to detail keep Casa Pura Vida looking great and in excellent condition.

Owners of Casa Pura Vida We recently had the most amazing experience!
Neil provides us peace of mind that all of our rentals are taken care of and most importantly our house is being looked after. Neil is organized, punctual and pro active. He is friendly, courteous and informative to all of our rental clients. He is always on call when we have guests and ready to solve any problems if need be.

Neil also has kept us informed of any maintenance that needs attention and follows through with quality work. We receive pictures of any work that is being done at the house.

Since Neil has taken over the responsibilities of property manager, our rentals have increased significantly. This is due to several recommendations he has made and also his organized approach. He contacts potential renters in a timely fashion and provides them with the proper information. Neil has made owning a home in another country easy for us and he can for you too.

Owners of Casa Tangaroa Our Rentals Have Increased Significantly
Our real estate agent recommended Mr. Neil Harding to oversee Casa Alta Vista while we were not there. After our initial interview with Mr. Harding, it became evident that he was very organized and knew what to do in order to get everything set up for a property management program. We hired Neil to take care of our property and since May 2009, he has done an outstanding job. He ensures the administration of the property. He oversees the gardener and the house cleaning. Neil keeps us well informed. He makes necessary suggestions to ensure the property is properly maintained. In other words, he takes care of business.

I have found Neil to be a straightforward honest man. I highly recommend Neil for his hard work, dedication and reasonable price. He keeps our minds at ease while we are away.

Owners of Casa Alta Vista Neil Has Done An Outstanding Job
As our vacation rental manager, he has done an excellent job of promoting our property.

We are pleasantly surprised at the number of inquiries we receive and how he is able to turn so many of them into bookings for us. We always get great reviews from our guests. Neil not only does a great job of checking them in and out but he turns their stay into a memorable vacation.

All our guests leave happy and smiling because they have enjoyed their stay in Gorda Vista and Costa Rica so much. They always comment to us that they will be returning and will be definitely be recommending us to their family and friends.

Owners of Gorda Vista We Always Get Great Reviews From Our Guests
Neil Harding is a fantastic property manager.

He is detail oriented, conscientious and cares about the properties he rents. Neil is very successful at booking rentals for his properties. He is extremely quick to return correspondence and phone calls.

He has multiple contacts to make any necessary repairs or modifications to a property, and at a reasonable price. Neil is also patient and thoughtful when asked for his opinion or explanations about the property. Put bluntly, Neil gets it done.

Owners of Casa Olas Azul Neil Is Very Successful At Booking Rentals
Each season the rentals seem to increase.

Since we do not live in Costa Rica they are our eyes and ears on a daily basis. The create a sense of great comfort for the clients renting our home. They communicate and coordinate all bookings/reservations and stay in communication with them from their arrival until their departure.

They help us to look after our property and manage all maintenance with a discerning eye. Neil and his staff create a peace of mind for us and we are very grateful for all of them.

Owner of Tres Perlas Neil And His Staff Are Incredible!
Neil has been both our vacation rental manager and our property manager for over a year now and we couldn't be more pleased. As the property manager, he keeps our property in tip-top shape. He manages and pays the gardeners, repair people, house cleaners, pool maintenance, pest control, painting, etc. etc.

While we are away, we can rest easy that we have left everything in his capable hands. The entire home and property will be kept in perfect order. When we return to Costa Rica from Canada we can just move right into our beautiful and well-maintained home.

Owners of Gorda Vista We Highly Recommend Neil For The Job
Over the past ten months, Neil helped us plan and manage a transition from our previous approach and resources to a comprehensive strategy that includes his personal management of our VRBO/HomeAway listings, and his direct supervision of our on-site caretakers and local resources for the property, pool, and landscape maintenance. We have seen a steady improvement in the appearance and occupancy of the villas through Neil’s attention to detail and his understanding of where we need to spend additional funds and where to economize.

We have quickly learned that there is really no substitute for local oversight, years of vacation property management experience, and true knowledge of what it takes to transform a property into a vacation destination that guests are very excited about and want to visit again. You can see the positive impact in the most recent guest reviews.

He fully orchestrated an upgrade in our on-line presence by arranging for professional photography and rewriting our property descriptions. On-site he has directed the systematic enhancement of the interior and exterior of the property, and a maintenance approach that will enable us to reduce costs over time. He is also very complete and timely in his communication with us as owners.

We would happily recommend Neil for any property that will benefit from professional property management. On top of all that, he is a real pleasure to work with.

Owners of Caballitos del Mar Neil Is A Pleasure To Work With