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June 3, 2019

7 Excuses To Help You Justify Spending The Entire Day At Your Villa

Ballena Royale Ocean View Luxury Villa Costa Rica

Sometimes taking a vacation involves more than you bargained for. You started off day-dreaming of beaches and coconuts… but ended up in stuck in analysis paralysis in front of the computer screen at 2 AM… debating which villa pool is most exciting for the kids.

But you finally chose a house, and now that you’ve arrived at the most amazing vacation villa in Costa Rica you can stop moving, take a deep breath of fresh rainforest air and spend the entire day relaxing at your villa.

There’s no harm in taking a day off for some R&R at the villa before you pack in your calendar with ATV tours, boat trips and zip-lining. In fact, many of our guests tell us they saw more wildlife while lounging at their villa than on a tour of the national park!

So here is a list of nine excuses for you to have ready, in case you need help justifying a day at the villa:

1. Eating In Is A Healthy Option:


BBQ up a dinner of freshly caught fish. If you aren’t catching your own fish on this trip then head to La Macha, it’s right off the coastal highway in Dominicalito, and buy some fresh fish to enjoy with mixed veggies poolside. If you’ve got kids, fish tacos are the way to go. Be sure to check out this Costa Rican Chimichurri recipe which works just as good as a topping on grilled fish as with the fresh-baked tortilla chips they sell in the local Dominical markets.

2. Enjoying The View Is Good For You:

Meridian House Ocean View Costa Rica

You might not have known that just being in nature is connected to a host of health benefits.

Looking out over the green jungle canopy, watching the sunset and enjoying the ocean breezes all have scientifically documented health benefits. You aren’t being lazy… you’re being healthy! Check out the sunset views from these mountaintop villas and you won’t be sorry.

3. Reduce Inflammation In The Pool:

Caballitos Del Mar Beachfront Vacation Villas in Costa Rica

Everyone knows swimming is a heart-healthy sport but lucky for you it turns out just walking in the pool is good too. If anyone gives you a hard time for soaking at the villa all day, tell them you’re doing 30-minute sets of “Pool Walking.

And if you enjoyed some magic “pipa-fria” aka coconut water during your day, your body is truly thanking you.

4. Learn A New Recipe And Make Gallo Pinto:

Gallo Pinto Costa Rican Breakfast

On your way into town, if you plan to stop at the Maxi Pali to stock up on some groceries…be sure to grab the ingredients for making a recipe called “Gallo Pinto” to your shopping list. It’s the traditional breakfast enjoyed by Tico’s. Pair it with scrambled eggs and sliced cooked “platanos”, and it provides all the carbs, protein and healthy fats you’ll need to spend your day relaxing at the pool or hiking to Nauyaca Waterfalls.

5. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones:


Yes, technically you are spending time together during your whole vacation but unlike on a zip-line, you can carry on a conversation at the villa. Sometimes it takes breaking away from our busy lives to reconnect again. Even studies have shown families who vacation together enjoy each other a bit more afterwards. If you’re staying at the Jade House, challenge your kids at the billiards table, a game that appeals to all generations. Board games, pool games like Marco Polo, and I-Spy with younger children are also excellent family games to play at any of our villas.

6. Learn How To Use Your Camera:


You’ve been meaning to become an amateur photographer for years, maybe decades at this point. There is no easier place or more motivating environment than Costa Rica to become a pro in the photography department. It might be because there is no shortage of materials to practice on. Beginners can focus on a still-flower-shot and the advanced can try to capture a blue morpho (they flutter by every day in the early am). Casa Pura Vida is the place to be if looking for a mix of wildlife visitors. Let us know if you are lucky enough to spot a sloth!

7. Become A Happier Person:

Meridian House Luxury Vacation Rental Costa Rica

You may have heard that Disneyland was the happiest place on earth… but according to the polls, it’s actually Costa Rica! 

Whether it’s the laid-back culture, the healthy food and fresh fish, the days of sunlight and extra vitamin-D or a combo of all these great things, you’ll definitely be happier if you vacation at one of our Costa Rican vacation villas.

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