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May 13, 2019

Products to try in a Costa Rican Supermarket

For a taste of Costa Rica here are a few locally made products you can find at the markets in and around Dominical.

The number one product on the list, a sauce called Lizano is definitely the most unique ‘flavour of Costa Rica’ that guests tend to remember, but we’ve included a few more snacks, sweet treats and condiments you should taste test.

Add these to your grocery list to help spice up your meals with local flavours:

  • Lizano Salsa products


This is the go-to salsa on restaurant tables and the flavour most visitors remember as being unique to Costa Rica. Here’s the Wikipedia summary “Many Costa Rican dishes are prepared with Salsa Lizano. It is commonly used with Gallo Pinto and tamales, and is also considered particularly complementary with eggs, rice, beans, fish, cheese, curries, and as a marinade for meat.” So splash it on something, especially a traditional breakfast, and see what you think.

  • Yuquitas Chips duc


These are just like regular old chips but made with a local staple – the Yucca, or cassava. There’s a good chance this plant is growing on the property of your vacation villa right now! The locals pull the root veggie out of the ground and use it in a whole range of recipes, from breakfast to dessert, including frying them into chips like in this little snack size bag. They are very similar to a potato in consistency and flavour so you may find you prefer Yuquitas over Ruffles or Lays.

  • Trits Ice Cream Sandwich products


Pronounced “Treats,” this is a simple vanilla ice cream sandwich product… with a swirl of chocolate inside and sugar cookie ends. (They taste like cookies to me but others have compared them to graham crackers too.) You be the judge and tell us in the comments which it is. I know that vanilla is boring at home… for some reason, this simple recipe truly hits the spot on a hot sunny beach day or in the villa for an easy and affordable dessert.

  • Orange & Carrot Juice


The first juice I ever had in Costa Rica was so delicious that I had to go up to the kitchen and ask what the secret ingredient was. “Carrots” was the answer. With the juicing revolution, it may no longer be a surprise… but adding carrots make juices so much sweeter, and healthier too. After you try this stuff, regular old O.J. just won’t cut it anymore.

  • 1820 Cafe products


This coffee is popular and won’t break the bank. There are tons and tons of stunning packages of coffee, with colourful frogs or birds and images of the volcanos, that are all excellent too…. but this brand is more of your everyday product. This one is what people who live here are brewing at home. 1820 has a wide range of coffee products and also instant cappuccino and mochaccinos. You’ll be able to find this brand in any local market’s coffee section. They even make an instant coffee now.

  • “Plenty’s” aka Sesame Sticks ( Palitos de Ajonjoli)


I call them Plenty’s because it’s the largest word on the package but technically these are called “Palitos de Ajonjoli” which means Sesame Sticks. The best ones also have sunflower seeds, “Semillas de girasol” so try and find that flavour. They usually carry it at the market in Dominical, Plaza Pacific. This is the perfect snack for healthy eaters. Bioland brand has lots of healthy snacks so if you track down this bag you’re sure to find more salty and sweet options nearby for snacking on at the villa.

  • Guava Jam


This jam is a favourite product among locals and is made with 100% Costa Rican fruits and no artificial flavouring. You’ll find lots of jams and jellies with local tropical fruits so try and change it up from strawberry and grape! If you pass by a bakery, “Panderia,” you’ll find several breakfast pastries use this flavour, Guava, as the filling. Even if you just spread it on your toast, you’ll be getting a yummy taste of traditional flavours.

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