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This property is just what the Doctor ordered for rest, rejuvenation and relaxation. It is located 500 feet on a hillside overlooking the Pacific ocean. The beach below is terrific for swimming and surfing. We visited seven different beaches all within a fifteen minute drive of the villa. Most are very secluded. The villa has everything a person would desire. The master bedroom is large with windows on two sides. The view of the ocean is something you never tire of when waking up in the morning. The master bathroom has a unique shower that has plenty of water pressure. The other bedroom also has a nice view and accompanying bathroom. Both rooms have air conditioning and ceiling fans. We never used the air conditioning because of the wonderful breezes coming off the ocean. The kitchen is very well appointed and also has a nice view of the pool and ocean. Oodles of counter space including the large island. The fridge is large and the ice dispenser is a nice touch to keep your drinks cold. We used the barbecue quite often to grill the local fish. The living room area with flat screen T.V. is very comfortable and there are hundreds of movies to select. A nice way to end a relaxing day, watching a movie. The outdoor eating and lounge area beside the pool and overlooking the ocean is very enticing. You won't want to leave this area of the villa. Comfortable lounger and chairs are great to curl up on to read that new book. The infinity pool is crystal clear and perfect temperature. Being 45' long makes it perfect for swimming laps. It is a great way to start your day. The property itself is very secluded and private. It is on a hillside in the middle of a rain forest. The property is very secure and we felt safe our entire stay. The grounds are immaculate and great planning has been given to the design. On the lower plateau there are numerous fruit trees planted and I am sure they will provide bountiful amounts of fruit in the future. Overall, this is a gorgeous property that you will find totally relaxing with all the amenities anyone would want. The owners are very friendly and helpful.

Rammer (London, Ontario, Canada)

Property: Gorda Vista

Date of Stay Nov 3 2012

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Rammer (London, Ontario, Canada)

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Sea turtles hatching on Dominical beach


Sea turtles hatching

Sometimes, when you least expect it, Mother Nature puts on a spectacular show.

I’ve always wanted to witness sea turtles hatching, but I’ve never been in the right place at the right time. There have been close calls and near misses and a few “you should’ve been here yesterday” quips, but so far, no dice.

Well, that all changed this week.

Early Wednesday morning, following a splendid surfing session, I walked back to my car to rinse off and get dressed. I typically park in the middle of Dominical beach, about 25 yards from a man-made turtle nesting enclosure that’s run by the good people at Asociacion Programas Sociales de Dominical. It’s a local organization that, among many other great things, buries and protects sea turtle eggs from birds, dogs and other potential predators.

As I reached my vehicle, there was movement on the ground outside of the enclosure – it’s basically a green mesh fenced-in area that’s about 20 feet wide, right on the beach – and I walked over to investigate. I quickly spotted a pair of baby Olive Ridley sea turtles trying to make their way toward the ocean, which was a few hundred yards away on the low tide.

How cool, I said.

When I walked to the mesh fence, I poked my head over the top and was amazed at what I saw. Between 50 and 75 baby turtles were furiously making their way out of two large holes in the sand. They were climbing over each other, under the fence, and before I knew it I was completely surrounded by miniature turtles, none of which were more than 5 inches in length and all probably weighing only a few ounces.

What was I supposed to do? Should I pick them up and move them? They certainly needed help, right? I don’t own a smartphone, so Google wasn’t an option. In the excitement of the moment, I realized it was time to purchase a smartphone, but to do so would be to admit my wife was right all along – you can’t operate in today’s society with a 90’s cellphone. My mind was drifting. I needed to focus on the baby turtles. This was my moment to shine.

I started by meticulously clearing paths through the thick beach wood, picking up and moving each stick like were Faberge, as to not injure the tiny turtles.

Then I saw a surfer exiting the water with a GoPro camera. I figured he could record this moment for all-time sake, so I waved him over. He was fired up, too, saying how cool the experience was. After that I flagged another friend over, and a few tourists joined us as well.

It wasn’t until a handful of locals showed up that we all realized we could just pick up the turtles and move them toward the ocean, rather than dig highways in the sand. But by that point it didn’t matter to us. We were just stoked to be in the right place at the right time while helping out and take pictures to last a lifetime!

And that’s pretty much how the story ends, with the people and turtles living happily ever after.

In conclusion, here’s something to keep in mind: If you’re fortunate enough to visit southern Pacific Costa Rica and stay at one of our Dominical rental homes, safely pack a camera (or smartphone) when you go out for the day because magic tends to happen when you least expect it where the jungle meets the sea.

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