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We have traveled quite a bit but this was one of our best vacations ever. The house was amazing and it was just like how it was described in the website. The kitchen had all the amenities that we needed. We all loved the infinity pool and of course that amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. Seeing Whale's Tail from the house provoked our need to go see it in person. It took us a time or two to find it but when we did it was worth the time. We saw toucan's everyday flying around the area of the house and even a couple very up close by the pool. We did not see any howler monkeys but we did hear them. We had a varying range of ages and interests in our group of seven but we all found many things that we wanted to do and accomplished them. I would strongly suggest the waterfall tour, it was amazing but the water was freezing but definelty worth it. I am recovering from back surgery and did not want to risk the horse ride but they offered a pick up ride instead. That worked out great for all of us, it had padded benches in the bed so it was comfortable. This tour comes with breakfast and lunch, both of the meals were really good. For the price it was a real deal. Of course some of our group did the zip line through the rain forest and they all came back with many stories. Everyone enjoyed that but they did say if you are afraid of heights it may not be for you. We loved all the mom & pop restaurants along the road sides, we never had a bad meal. We did go into Dominical one evening and had tapas at Confusione Tapas Restaurant, it was wonderful. We all agreed when we return to this amazing area and property we need to plan a two week vacation, one week was not enough. Neil was great with arranging all the tours we wanted and helping us navigate the area. He even helped to arrange a wedding for us at the house. We have the most wonderful pictures from the wedding. The ceremony was held under the tiki hut and our bouquets were made by a local woman from flowers and greenery on the property. This definelty will not be a trip any one of us will ever forget. Thanks so much to Jerry, Theresa and Neil for a perfect vacation.

Chris F

Property: Casa Las Terrazas

Date of Stay: Feb 18 2012

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Chris F

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Costa Rican beer


Unlike the United States and Europe, Costa Rica isn’t chock-full of microbreweries serving up dozens of brands of delicious suds on tap.

Nevertheless, sipping an ice-cold beer in this stunning Central American nation still hits the spot, especially when the sun is out, your feet are up and your schedule is completely clear.

The following is a list of the most popular beers in Costa Rica, the majority of which are sold at local supermarkets and small bars that dot the Pan-American Highway from Jaco to our vacation rentals in Dominical.

Bavaria: Pound for pound Bavaria is, in our opinion, the finest non-microbrewed beer in the country. There are three types of Bavaria available at most restaurants, bars and stores—Bavaria Light, Bavaria Gold and Bavaria Dark. Gold is a firm-bodied pale ale with a hoppy finish. Dark is similar to Mexico’s Negro Modelo, a deep-styled amber with sweet hops. Light is low on calories but doesn’t quite have the same finishing kick as Gold or Dark.

Imperial: Everywhere you go in Costa Rica, you’ll see signs for Imperial. It is the most popular beer in the country, and every third tourist seems to have the mandatory Imperial tank-top on. Taste wise, it’s decent, but not spectacular. Imperial compares to many American-style lagers, probably better than Budweiser but not quite at a microbrew level of flavor. There’s also an Imperial Silver flavor available at most stores.

Pilsen: The second-most popular beer in the nation, Pilsen can be somewhat underrated at times. It’s a little bit lighter than Imperial with a similar alcohol content. It’s been compared to Keystone in America, but that’s a slap in the face to Pilsen, which is far superior to cheap, fourth-rate brews like Keystone and Milwaukee’s Best. If we were forced by local authorities to choose between Imperial and Pilsen—and what a terrible day that would be!—we’d go with the latter over the former, and then we’d buy everyone a round.

Rock Ice: Similar to Smirnoff Ice, this is kind of a girlie drink (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Rock Ice is prepared with an ice-brewing process, which chills the beer to form fine crystals that are removed from the liquid without compromising the flavor. The process gives the beer a more full-bodied taste and aroma. Rock Ice isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you.

Heineken: We know what you’re thinking, “Why is Heineken on this list? It’s brewed in Holland.” Yes and no. Heineken has actually been brewed in Costa Rica since 1986, under a license from the Dutch—and what great people they are! This is a 100-percent malt beer, and since it’s made right here in Costa Rica, it seems to be less skunky on the nose than in other parts of the world where it has been imported.

Bohemia: It’s actually pretty rare to be sitting at a Costa Rican bar and hear someone yell out, “Give me a Bohemia! No, make it two!” Why don’t you hear that often in these parts? Honestly, because it’s the low beer on the totem pole. Bottom line: you have several choices in beer and buying a bunch of Bohemia might not be the best decision you make.

Segua: Ah, Segua. Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company puts out a delicious Segua Red Ale. The problem is that unless you’re in a big city like San Jose or Escazu, it’s really tough to track down. If you find it snatch it up, call us, and we’ll come over and enjoy it with you.

Libertas: Another fine product of Costa Rica’s Craft Brewing Company, Libertas Tropical Golden Ale is mouthwatering but difficult to find in the southern zone. Rumor has it you can purchase Libertas at the Roadshack restaurant in Uvita on occasion.

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